Setup Guides

The WOW VPN service allows you to reliably route your internet traffic via the WOW VPN servers based in the UK.

Follow this guide to easily setup a WOW VPN connection using an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad on iOS 5.

Setting up a VPN connection using Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad on iOS 5

To get started select 'Settings' from the main screen.

Then select 'General'.

Select 'Network'.

Choose 'VPN'.

Choose 'Add VPN Configuration'.

Then choose "PPTP" then enter the following details:

Description: WOW VPN


Account: your wowvpn username


Password: your wowvpn password

Encryption Level: We recommend 'Auto' BUT have seen where selecting 'Maximum' was necessary.

Send all traffic: ON

Save these settings and connect.

To connect thereafter, select 'Settings' from the home screen, then switch VPN to "ON".

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