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WOW VPN is a private connection between you and our servers which removes all restrictions on your internet connection and makes your surfing 100% secure and anonymous.

WOW VPN provides a secure and anonymous connection for unrestricted browsing

Who is it for?

If you regularly browse the internet in a public location such as a wifi hotspot but feel your connection isn't secure. If your in a country or location where certain websites are blocked or filtered. If you want to watch UK TV. If your an online gamer who wants to improve your speed and latency. If you want to use VoIP or Skype but can't because its blocked or, if you want to surf the internet anonymously WOW VPN is for you.

Easy and quick setup

Once you`ve subscribed to our service you will be emailed you’re username & password. Follow our simple guide to be connected in minutes.

How does it work?

Once connected any data that leaves your computer will be encrypted and secure. This means that internet service providers, workplaces, governments or anybody else will NOT be able to see what you are doing on the internet as all your internet activity will be encrypted.

The encrypted data that is now leaving your computer will be sent back to our proxy servers and decrypted before being sent out on the internet as normal bypassing any monitoring or restrictions that may be in place on your current internet connection.

No special software needed

WOW VPN has been built to be simple, you don't need any special software and theres nothing to download, you simply use the built in VPN client which comes with your PC, Mac or smart phone and thats it, once you've signed up you can literally be online with WOW VPN in minutes.

“An extremely stable connection (unlike other operators), no adverts and a quick start up makes WOW VPN the only choice for me.”