Bypass Internet Filters

Whether you're connecting to the Internet from a country that enforces internet filtering or trying to sidestep pre-installed software on your computer, WOW VPN allows you to connect to our UK based system so you appear to be browsing from the UK, where there are no such filters in place.


Surf and be anonymous

WOW VPN's fast proxy ensures you surf safely and anonymously, your real IP address, personal information and location details are kept secret ensuring privacy and complete anonymity at all times.


OpenVPN Connect Support

WOW VPN supports latest Mobile Phones using Android and iOS Operating Systems without any loss of performance which can be found on our Support page


iOS10 and Mac Sierra VPN Connectivity Support

WOW VPN supports most Operating Systems without any loss of performance including iOS10 and Mac Sierra which can be found on our Support page


Unblock VoIP applications

By connecting to the WOW VPN service inbound and outbound VoIP, SIP and other communications software such as Skype are no longer blocked. You are able to make and receive calls 24 hours a day.


Security for hotspot users

When you're surfing the internet away from home or when travelling, you never really know what you're going to get or who's eavesdropping on your connection. You have to stay secure to protect yourself. Using WOW VPN ensures complete security by creating a private internet tunnel to our systems every time you connect.


Increase gaming performance

WOW VPN's fast proxy is great for online multiplayer gaming & will increase performance and dramatically decrease internet/gaming latency, especially if you are playing users within the EU (European Union), or indeed other gamers using WOW VPN.


WOW VPN creates a virtual tunnel between your computer and the WOW VPN service, no matter where you are in the world you’re safe from eves droppers and ISP/government restrictions because your connection is secured by 128bit encryption.

Unblock VoIP calls and restricted web access with WOW VPN, and enjoy the added benefits such as faster internet & download speeds because you are no longer bouncing all over the internet before hitting your website or games server.

If you have any questions please get in touch, our friendly team are happy to answer any queries you have.